Langford Day Nursery &
Pre School

Situated in the village of Langford (just off the A38) we reside in a converted 1930's house. We are a small family friendly nursery offering full and sessional day care for children aged 3 months to five years for 51 weeks of the year from 8am to 6pm.


All About us...

Established at the beginning of 2013 we are registered to care for up to 36 children. The nursery has been designed to be open plan, enabling all of our children right from an early age to have the opportunity to interact and socialise with all children in our nursery community. This is not only great for easing the transition for each child when they move on from the Baby room but it also enables siblings to be closer to one another during their time at nursery and children of all ages to learn from one another.

Baby Boy

Baby Room/ Squirrels Room

Our baby room is registered to take up to 9 children aged 3 months to approx 2 years old. The team of practitioners will work closely with you to ensure that we learn all we can about your baby so that you feel confident that they will be happy and secure during their time at nursery. Practitioners will plan age appropriate stimulating activities such as messy play, mark making, water play, cooking and outdoor play all wrapped around their usual daily routine of meals and sleep times. There is a sleep room situated on the first floor of the nursery away from the hustle and bustle of nursery life so that your little one may have a peaceful energy restoring snooze when needed.

Kids Painting

2-3 years/ Foxes Group

Around 2 years of age children will join our Foxes group. Here practitioners will, once again, plan activities and opportunities for learning following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. They will continue to work with you and follow your child's interests to ensure that they are planning activities that will engage your child and encourage their learning and development.

Child Doing Art Activity

Pre School/ Badger Group

Children join our Badger group at 3 years old. This is when practitioners will create learning opportunities that will stimulate and challenge young minds, preparing them for their first year at school.

Kids in Preschool


At Langford Day Nursery we offer full or half day sessions. There is also a limited number of term time only sessions available. 

We accept;

* Early Years funding, which enables all eligible 2,3&4 year olds to access up to 30 hours of funded child care for 38 weeks of the year.

* All child care vouchers.


Langford Day Nursery & Pre School

Aims and Ethos

To provide an environment for every child that is safe, secure, happy, healthy and stimulating.

We are a team of qualified and experienced practitioners who are warm, caring and friendly. We recognise the importance of building a strong relationship with your child so that they may feel valued, relaxed and safe. We believe that it is when a child feels comfortable and confident within their environment that they are best able to develop, learn and grow.

The nursery follows the guidelines and statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Practitioners incorporate all areas of learning in the planning of activities.

The nursery resides in a detached 1930’s house that has an exciting adventure garden for the children to explore to the front and an additional outdoor space to the rear. The garden is available to the children throughout the day.

Inside, the nursery is light and airy and open plan. There is an area for the youngest children (3mths - 2yrs) that are set up specifically to accommodate the needs of our youngest children. For children aged two years and over we have a larger open space. There is an additional room that we use as our dining room and is also used for small group activities. Children have their own bathroom facilities that lead off from the main play room. Upstairs there is a sleep room, office and staff room.


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